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Special Opportunities 

While Dogtown Resort is primarily a boarding facility, we also have a mission to help place dogs and cats into new and forever homes when life throws you a curveball -- and the best solution is rehoming your pet.

If you are currently unable to adopt a rescue into your home, but would like to be involved in supporting these efforts, please visit this page often. There will be links to our Wish List, volunteer opportunities including dog walking, reading dates with dogs, and chances to visit animals with your children to help them learn about volunteering and treating animals respectfully and safely.

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How to Help




Donation Suggestions (Including Supplies) 

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Sponsors for Special Needs Animals

Foster Homes

Perhaps you know long-term pet ownership isn't possible for you now. Sometimes, active duty/reserve military personnel realize deployment may occur soon, or college students who currently have time for a senior dog roommate while busy studying may soon graduate and move into very demanding work schedules. Or you may just want a short home-stay visit with a new pet to be sure permanent adoption is the right choice for your family. We are flexible to help make sure each placement works for the pets and the people! Contact Carolyn to discuss the possibilities

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